DIY: Decorating a Cake Box in 4 Easy Steps

What delicious goodness could be inside this 10 x 10 box? Obivously something sweet pour vous.

But before we get to that...

Happy Birthday

...I gotta make the outside look as sweet as the inside.

cake box

Step one: Buy your cake box. I got mine for $2 at Sur La Table.

Step two: Pick your desired stamps and stamp away. Use a ruler for more even spacing. The 'Happy Birthday' sentiment is from Papertrey Ink Happy Hexagon Mini Stamp Set. The 'Baked with Love' stamp was found in the 99 cent bin at Michaels.

Papertrey Ink Stamps


Step 3: Insert baked goods.

Step 4: Tape sides with washi tape then top off with ribbon and bow.

One mustn't give a gift without ribbons and bows!

washi tape

decorating cake box

Include your homemade card and VOILA!

C'est Fini!

Come back soon to see what sweet goodness lies inside the box!