Customized handmade cards

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I'll need to catch up on some work.  But I will leave you guys with a few customized cards I made for a friend that she gave to her:

1. sister for her 21st birthday

2. valentine's date

3. friend who's moving across the world

handmade 21st birthday card

You're my favorite thing to doThe final version of this card was way naughtier...

Handmade going away card

Je T'aime Valentine's Card

Je t'aime. Wo ai ni. Te amo. Ich liebe dich. I will take "I love you" in any language as long as it comes from the heart. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but the bf and I are in a long distant relationship.  It sucks.  I guess that means we'll have to postpone our 2nd formal date 'til next year.

This is what I get for making him wait nine years.

Good news for everyone else: there will be one less couple to crowd the restaurants tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine Card ideas

This is the Valentine's card I made him. I used both sides of the My Sweet Valentine paper by Reminisce . For the heart banner, I punched out some hearts using the Mini Takeout Box die by Lifestyle Crafts. Originally I poked a small hole so I could use sewing thread to link up the hearts, but I couldn't find my sewing needle.  In order for me to use twine (which is a lot thicker), I had to punch a bigger hole.

Valentine card

string of hearts

vintage valentine

P.S. Je t'aime <3

Valentine Cupcake Flags

Whether I was single or not, I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day. Ever since I was little, on Valentine's Day, my mom would give my brother and I a card and a stuffed animal. She was trying to teach me at a young age that you don't have to be in a relationship to receive presents. Remember the valentine grams that you would pass out to each classmate? It was way more fun when everyone participated and got one. Moral of the story, I do not discriminate against the singled. Valentine Cupcake Flags Materials: 4inch x 1inch stripped paper, valentine stamp, ink, valentine embellishment, ribbon, scissors, toothpick, glue or adhesive tape

vday suppliesje t'aime rubber stamp

There is a lot of room for creativity when making cupcake flags. They can be any shape or size you want and it'll only take a few minutes. I had white strips left over from a previous project but you can crop it to any shape you like. Fold the strip in half and cut the edge using patterned scissors. Stamp the flag using your desired valentine stamp and ink. (I used my new 'je t'aime' valentine rubber stamp and Versa Color ink color 57 "Old Rose"). Before you glue the toothpick to the fold, make sure the end is long enough to stick into a cupcake. Glue and wait to dry before adding any embellishments.

valentine ribbons

For the ribbon flags, cut ribbon to a desired length. Fold ribbon to mark where the toothpick goes. Apply adhesive and fold ribbon in half around the toothpick. Cut edge to finish.

je t'aime cupcake

Valentine's Day cupcake

Stay tuned for the next post, the recipe for the cupcake as seen in this post (Nutella Rolls).