Canadian Adventures... eh...

I just returned from two weeks in Canada: Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa.  Here are some instagram pictures from my Canadian adventures. CanadaCongratulations to my cousin and his new wife!  They're actually in town right now on their honeymoon.

I'm ready to get back to crafting.  I've waited two weeks to play with my new supplies I ordered from Two Peas in a Bucket. Stay tuned for some cool handcrafted projects!


Summer is here! Summer is here!

And it's going to be an aMAHzing summer! I've been so busy prepping, planning, and doing... there's barely any time for thinking, typing, and blogging. But I will do my best to post consistently this summer...

I think after you hear what's planned for this summer, I know you'll be forgiving.

My summer officially kicked off  last month with Vicky's bachelorette party in CABO!

Cabo Chileno Bay
Cabo Chileno Bay

Pretty, right?!!?! Photo cred: Annie Y.

After that, I helped out the bridal party with some of the bridal shower decor. It was a last minute rush order, but it turned out pretty nicely. I have to get the pictures from the groom's camera and will work on the post when I get the chance. Hopefully sooner than later since they're getting married in a WEEK AND A HALF! Then they're off on their honeymoon...

Here's a sneak peak of the shower.

bridal shower
bridal shower

photo cred: Jennie Y.

lovely bride
lovely bride

The lovely bride

While they're off on their honeymoon... I'll be in MIAMI!

I'll be PARTYING it up in South Beach with my beautiful New York friends! Can't wait to see them, it's been a while!

I'll then probably be in and out of Vegas in June and early July before I head to Montreal for my cousin's wedding in August!

So you see, I haven't neglected my Paperie duties, I've just been... distracted.  I do have a lot of ideas I want to show you guys so I hope you'll be patient with me.

I recently became OBSESSED with macarons, so I'll be attempting that soon.

bouchon macaron
bouchon macaron

Coffee macaron from Bouchon in Vegas

Hope you guys have an awesome summer ahead as well!



This 3-day weekend thing is throwing me off, but I loved it! What did I do for the long weekend? Bake, of course!

Lets preview my eventful weekend through the filters of instagram. Filter used: ChocOreo.

I might - just might - have gone a tad overboard with the Oreos this weekend: thin mints (it is girl scout cookie season), brownies, and a double dose of cookies n' cream with cupcakes and a parfait.

oreo Instagram

I'm working on all the posts now and hope to get them up soon.

I'm sure spending the upcoming weekend in Vegas won't set me back that much.... two days of partying, then a whole week to recover. You know you're not young anymore when you take a full week to recover.

YOLO! Cheers!

instagift: instagram gift guide

Shopping for Cyber Monday? I fell instalove with all these cute products and they will be great stocking stuffers for the holidays.


1. is a one stop shop.  They make cute  tiny books,  and other instawag like stickers and posters. 2. I'd love to receive this useful calendar (hint to my secret santa). I can also use the past pages for my cards or scrapbook. 3. Magnets by stickygram are simply adorable. 4. Protect your new devices with casetagram. 5. These teeny tiles prove to be tons of fun.

Of course if you want to go the handmade route, you can always make this instagram canvas wall art.

Instagram canvas

instagram wall art

Gregg (le boyfriend) just moved into a new place, and I can probably assume that his walls will soon be covered with pieces of my handmade art: my very own gallery if you will. The first piece will be an instagram canvas wall art I found on A Beautiful Mess. This is the perfect project for an instagram addict like me (follow me at @dianango), and it's almost as simple as picking out which instagram filter to use. instagram canvas

1. Collect materials: Nine 4x4 instagram photos (I ordered my prints through PostalPix, straight from my iphone),12 x 12 canvas, matte Mod Podge, and a paint brush.

2. Arrange photos.  After you are satisfied, place the photos on your table in the same arrangement so you don't forget it.

3. Paint layer of Mod Podge on canvas.

4. Adhere photos to canvas.  A good tip is to start with the corners, this should help with spacing. After you're done, let it dry for 20-30 minutes.

instagram canvas

When it completely dries, paint a top coat over your entire canvas.

instagram canvas

instagram canvas

The finish product is left with a few streaks but I think that gives it that handmade feel.  I'm sure another layer of Mod Podge would do the trick.

November 1st

Happy first day of November.  To celebrate the start of a new month, I've decided to start the November Photo A Day challenge on instagram from Fat Mum Slim. Photo A Day Challenge


1. Something beginning with 'C'

It was a tough choice since I'm surrounded by so many cool 'C's: crafts, chocolate, clothes, cutnpasteme, etc.  But when I went into Starbucks this morning and saw that they brought out the holiday cups, I had to capture the caramel macchiato in the christmas coffee cup along with my christmas holiday catalogs.  Did I go overboard with the alliteration?