Vicky's Bridal Shower

In 2003, we made a list of who we thought would get married first and I think Terry guessed that Vicky was going to go first. Too bad I can't find that list anymore, so there is no real proof that any of us got it right. Bridal shower bannerThe bridal party only gave me a week in advance to help out with the shower, but I was happy to do so.  Thank you to Annie, Wendy and Tracy for helping me with this rush order.

The bridal party did a wonderful job.  There were delicious homemade snacks, a bunch of photo ops, games and prizes!  Whenever there is a prize involved, the competitive side of me comes out and it ain't always pretty.

But this time, I kept it classy. Me and my classy sass won that game where you're not allowed to say "Vicky" (bride), "Preston" (groom), and "Wedding" throughout the entire shower.

name card


blushing bride

The beautiful bride to be, as lovely as always.


bridal shower bouquet game

Game two was a competition between the tables on crafting a bouquet for the bride to use during the rehearsal. The moms got very creative, instead of using the materials provided, they took the center piece flower and the name place cards and created a masterpiece.  Not sure how fresh that rose will keep until the rehearsal. Great job moms!

established in 1999

I've been friends with these girls since freshman year of high school.

funny pose

soon to be mr. & mrs.

The future Mr. Vicky and Mrs. Preston. We'll see you guys this Saturday at the wedding.

Bridal shower: Bridal party Banner, name cards, name tags: Paperie Lane Photographers: Jennie Y, Preston C. Joanna F.

DIY: Decorating a Cake Box in 4 Easy Steps

What delicious goodness could be inside this 10 x 10 box? Obivously something sweet pour vous.

But before we get to that...

Happy Birthday

...I gotta make the outside look as sweet as the inside.

cake box

Step one: Buy your cake box. I got mine for $2 at Sur La Table.

Step two: Pick your desired stamps and stamp away. Use a ruler for more even spacing. The 'Happy Birthday' sentiment is from Papertrey Ink Happy Hexagon Mini Stamp Set. The 'Baked with Love' stamp was found in the 99 cent bin at Michaels.

Papertrey Ink Stamps


Step 3: Insert baked goods.

Step 4: Tape sides with washi tape then top off with ribbon and bow.

One mustn't give a gift without ribbons and bows!

washi tape

decorating cake box

Include your homemade card and VOILA!

C'est Fini!

Come back soon to see what sweet goodness lies inside the box!

Valentine Cupcake Flags

Whether I was single or not, I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day. Ever since I was little, on Valentine's Day, my mom would give my brother and I a card and a stuffed animal. She was trying to teach me at a young age that you don't have to be in a relationship to receive presents. Remember the valentine grams that you would pass out to each classmate? It was way more fun when everyone participated and got one. Moral of the story, I do not discriminate against the singled. Valentine Cupcake Flags Materials: 4inch x 1inch stripped paper, valentine stamp, ink, valentine embellishment, ribbon, scissors, toothpick, glue or adhesive tape

vday suppliesje t'aime rubber stamp

There is a lot of room for creativity when making cupcake flags. They can be any shape or size you want and it'll only take a few minutes. I had white strips left over from a previous project but you can crop it to any shape you like. Fold the strip in half and cut the edge using patterned scissors. Stamp the flag using your desired valentine stamp and ink. (I used my new 'je t'aime' valentine rubber stamp and Versa Color ink color 57 "Old Rose"). Before you glue the toothpick to the fold, make sure the end is long enough to stick into a cupcake. Glue and wait to dry before adding any embellishments.

valentine ribbons

For the ribbon flags, cut ribbon to a desired length. Fold ribbon to mark where the toothpick goes. Apply adhesive and fold ribbon in half around the toothpick. Cut edge to finish.

je t'aime cupcake

Valentine's Day cupcake

Stay tuned for the next post, the recipe for the cupcake as seen in this post (Nutella Rolls).

DIY Holiday Gift Box

I went holiday shopping for over six hours this past weekend and  was only able to check off one person off my list. However, those six hours weren't a total loss, I was able to find myself a winter coat and some cute flats.  And while I might not know what I'm getting everyone for Christmas, I do know how I'll wrap the gifts. Christmas Gift Boxes

The small box measures 4 x 4 inches and the larger box measures 8 x 8 inches.

Materials used: 12x12 Kraft paper or any thick card stock (8x8 for smaller box), Martha Stewart Scoring Board, Holiday paper, Washi Tape, Adhesive, Twine, and your preferred sentiments. For these sentiments, I used the Papertrey Ink Holiday Spirit Sentiments and Countdown Details Stamp Set.

Instructions for the different size boxes should come with your scoring board, but for a clearer explanation, here is a video tutorial.  The rest is up to your creative self!

Christmas Gift

Holly Jolly Christmas

Merry Christmas Washi Tape

Using washi tape around the sides of the box will give it a more decorative and secure hold.  For the embellishment, I used the pine cones I had left over from Thanksgiving. (Michaels and Target has a lot of cute ones for cheap).

Mini Christmas gift box

Merry Christmas Washi Tape

Since these boxes are made of card stock, they should only be used for lightweight gifts such as jewelry, gift cards, homemade caramels, etc.

wrapped in twine

Do I dare go on another shopping expedition? Or should I turn to online shopping?