Vicky's Bridal Shower

In 2003, we made a list of who we thought would get married first and I think Terry guessed that Vicky was going to go first. Too bad I can't find that list anymore, so there is no real proof that any of us got it right. Bridal shower bannerThe bridal party only gave me a week in advance to help out with the shower, but I was happy to do so.  Thank you to Annie, Wendy and Tracy for helping me with this rush order.

The bridal party did a wonderful job.  There were delicious homemade snacks, a bunch of photo ops, games and prizes!  Whenever there is a prize involved, the competitive side of me comes out and it ain't always pretty.

But this time, I kept it classy. Me and my classy sass won that game where you're not allowed to say "Vicky" (bride), "Preston" (groom), and "Wedding" throughout the entire shower.

name card


blushing bride

The beautiful bride to be, as lovely as always.


bridal shower bouquet game

Game two was a competition between the tables on crafting a bouquet for the bride to use during the rehearsal. The moms got very creative, instead of using the materials provided, they took the center piece flower and the name place cards and created a masterpiece.  Not sure how fresh that rose will keep until the rehearsal. Great job moms!

established in 1999

I've been friends with these girls since freshman year of high school.

funny pose

soon to be mr. & mrs.

The future Mr. Vicky and Mrs. Preston. We'll see you guys this Saturday at the wedding.

Bridal shower: Bridal party Banner, name cards, name tags: Paperie Lane Photographers: Jennie Y, Preston C. Joanna F.